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All completed to the highest standards.

The Performance Build Difference Marlow

There are lots of benefits to using our custom new home develop service these consist of expenditure management, keeping you to budget strategy and job management is within one company.

Having us handle both aspects of the procedure recommends that the buildability of a design can form the basis of the job from the first day.

Likewise, because of the style input throughout the whole procedure, looks can be a factor to consider in every choice and the outcome ought to supply a cost-efficient and more appealing construct, and a better customer and task group.

Professionals in turnkey shipment from style to conclusion and beyond.

Especially experienced in houses with basements, comprehensive mechanical and electrical services and swimming pools, with shown, good value options that are all backed by service warranties for comfort.

For customers who have an interest in creating a house particular to their requirements, we can with confidence offer a service that satisfies these requirements.

We will fulfil you and take a quick, comprehending your desires and desires, and produce a style that shows both your useful requirements and visual choices. We handle the procedure from end to end; creating your house, sending your preparation application and dealing with you to establish an expense strategy, through to constructing your house and offering an assistance service post-handover.

Turnkey suggests we team up on your job from starting to end, either providing a style you’ve had actually commissioned or beginning with the very start, finding and evaluating appropriate plots, establishing a style for preparation and refining that style with specification and ends up to shipment with houses crafted with care and diligence supported with similarly thorough client care.

Architectural Design & Planning Marlow

There are numerous advantages to utilizing our in home style service; these consist of expense management, keeping you to spending plan and task management is within one company.

Having us deal with both elements of the procedure indicates that the buildability of a style can form the basis of the task from the first day.

Likewise, because of the style input throughout the whole procedure, looks can be a factor to consider in every choice and the outcome ought to supply an affordable and more appealing construct, and a better customer and job group.

For customers who have an interest in developing a house particular to their requirements, we can with confidence offer a service that satisfies these requirements.

We will fulfill you and take a quick, comprehending your desires and desires, and produce a style that shows both your useful requirements and visual choices.

We handle the procedure from end to end; developing your house, sending your preparation application and dealing with you to establish an expense strategy, through to developing your house and offering an assistance service post-handover.

When it comes to the construction of builders new houses Marlow, there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of the project.

If you want your property to sell quickly and at the highest price possible, it is important to get the best value for money for your investment.

This article will look at the five most important factors affecting builders new house prices.

Location: Where you live has a huge impact on the cost of a property. The key word in this phrase is ‘location’. With an oversupply of land, especially in the south west of England, builders face fierce competition to get the best deals out of their sites.

Location can also have a huge impact on the price of a new property in the city centre. By avoiding the most over-priced areas, builders can retain value for money and sell their products at more competitive prices.

Number of bedrooms: Deciding how many bedrooms you want your new home to have will also determine the size of the mortgage. Larger rooms mean a higher interest rate, so if you are looking to keep a lower monthly payment than you might want to reconsider.

Cost: What is the cost of your dream house? Decide if you want to have central heating, garden or lawn access, whether you need to relocate in the short term or even if you want to convert the existing property to add or upgrade to a luxury apartment.

Size: Find out if you are able to afford the size of the property that you want. A major factor affecting how much you pay is the area of the property.

Condition: Is the property on privately owned land or a council site? This factor also effects how much you can expect to pay for your property. If you cannot afford the cost of counsel fees and fines, then consider taking out a mortgage with a loan company that offers this option.

Independent builders: Most builders now offer services such as kitchen renovations, bathroom remodelling and car parking.

Independent professional builders like Performance Build Marlow will be able to offer you advice on how much you should spend on renovating and what finishes you should choose.

They will also be able to advise on options that might require council approval, which may not increase the cost of your mortgage.

Discount offers: Discount offers are available from specialist lending companies. These lenders will generally have a broad range of lenders to suit all needs, so you can compare mortgage offers without having to waste time in deciding which one to take.

The most important factors affecting the cost of builders new houses are location, number of bedrooms. If you are looking to sell quickly and at the highest price possible, then getting the best value for money for your investment should be a priority.

You can also find out what kind of investment you are going to make when it comes to new houses by checking with independent mortgage brokers. By making use of the internet you can do many searches on builders new houses in your local area, thereby discovering the best deals on new properties.

Find out what you need to know about the location, the cost, the number of bedrooms in order to decide whether it is the right property for you. Furthermore, it will enable you to take advantage of these factors when considering the best location and purchase price for your new property.

  • We explain our design as referred to as modern timeless living. With this in mind all of our houses have a modern-day feel however with a conventional and classic surface, offering a really homely feel from the 2nd you walk through the door.
  • We take pride in the understanding that all Performance Build Marlow home-owners have a gorgeous brand new house, completed in their own design and not like all their next-door neighbors!
  • Our basic spec is exceptionally thorough with a substantial quantity of options offered to our purchasers to tailor their own houses, even more than those readily available from our rivals.


Home extensions Marlow

You may have seen that when you are considering home extensions, there are many problems that can appear with them. The first and most apparent problem is that the contractors that you are going to work with will have a fairly high degree of preparing permission concerns with them. The concerns that you will have can begin little, and then begin to mushroom in size over time. Extensions Marlow are, by their very nature, large. The more extensions you have the greater the problem of getting them authorized, and the bigger the barriers get that you have to leap over.

A home builder like Performance Build Marlow that has a plan to build lots of extensions might have to rethink their whole expansion plan.

Your home will only be as big as you want it to be. When you add on new rooms and add on extensions, you are adding unnecessary volumes to your home. This can oftentimes make the overall structure of your home seem slightly shoddy. It can also mean that there will be extra costs involved. Of course, if you think that the costs associated with having the extensions approved are a bit much, then you might have a couple of issues with builders that you hire to build them. This includes home extensions that have planning permission issues with them. The good news is that they usually do not mean that you can not use them, but you might have to find a different builder to use in order to avoid these issues. Just like any type of home extension, these building issues can be difficult to fix, and can easily lead to costly complications down the road. If you are considering adding more rooms to your home, then it is important that you look for a builder that can properly supervise the process. There are builders out there that have received excellent reviews from previous clients, which is a great indicator that they are capable of making it happen. If you want to be assured that your home gets done correctly, then find builders that have built plenty of extensions in the past. Home extensions are, by their very nature, expensive. They are a large expense that can take some time and effort to repair. This is a process that you will need to deal with if you decide to add to any rooms. It might be worthwhile to consider using a builder that can help you out with these expenses. Home extensions Marlow are generally made to house furniture, as well as equipment. This is something that should be considered before you build, however. Before you purchase the materials that you need, it is important to make sure that you have enough storage space available. If you do not have enough storage space, then you might find that you are unable to move your extra items around. When you are looking for builders, you will want to be sure that they have received excellent reviews from previous clients, and that they have received planning permission to work with them. If you have trouble finding trustworthy builders, then you might want to look at using another company. It can be hard to build, but when you have people looking over your project, it is a lot easier to get it done correctly. We have an abundance of knowledge in structure home extensions of all sizes and shapes, from the patio being contributed to your house doubled in size. If you have an extension job in mind, whether it is still simply a concept or have complete structure strategies prepared to go, connect with us and we can talk about how we can fulfill your requirements. From the tiniest extensions through to the more intricate builds, such as noted structures, we are experienced in dealing with the structured product needed and the ability to craft the ended up construct that is the vision. We can create and construct your brand-new extension, consisting of structure policies in a smooth, directed procedure. Our structure experience is large and covers single and very first flooring extensions, loft conversions, sunrooms, and conservatories. Our works typically occur in Oxford, Bicester, Witney, Buckingham, Aylesbury and Thame to name a few.

We can help with the following home extensions Marlow

  1. Kitchen extensions
  2. Single story extensions
  3. Pools
  4. Loft Conversions
  5. Replacement of existing residences
  6. 2 story extensions
  7. Sunrooms/conservatories
  8. Our newest bespoke home extensions
Contact us and we can show you our previous works. We are confident you will be impressed.

Local Conversions and Remodellings

Are you taking a look at transforming or remodelling your house?

You might have an excellent idea of what you wish to accomplish or require design/architectural assistance on your job. We constantly make sure that you get a variety of proposals to best match your requirements.

We intend to produce drawings and styles which make our clients state ‘I had not thought of that’.

Performance Build Marlow can assist with:

Loft Conversions
House Alterations
Structural Works (Opening of walls to form a larger space).
Commerical Redevelopments.

We can assist with the above by producing:.

Detailed design illustrations.
Structural calculations.
Preparation authorization and structure policy applications (if required).

We are more than happy to supply some preliminary free recommendations on the suitability of any conversion. Give us a call to arrange a website go to and consultation to discuss your proposal further.

If you are considering building a new home then it is worth getting some advice from a specialist about building renovation and conversion like Performance Build Marlow. The decision to undertake a building renovation and conversion can be complicated but once you have been through the process you will realise that it is really not as difficult as it might sound. It can be more rewarding than you might think and in most cases, you will end up making money out of the process.

You will need to take your time when looking for a skilled trades person to do the work for you look no further than Performance Build Marlow.

After all it is quite easy to get carried away with all the promises that are being made by the specialist in the hope that they can make you feel like a very good customer. It is wise to know what the range of services you can get from a good company before committing yourself to anything.

A reputable company will be able to offer you a plan of work and plans to follow. It should also be able to ensure that the work is well carried out. Some people can go into a project with little experience but it will be their expertise and work ethic that will mean that they end up making a success of the entire build.

It is also a good idea to have a company that is well versed in quality standards at the end of a building renovation and conversion. Good quality workmanship is a must. If a company cannot be trusted with your money then it is hard to see how they can be trusted with your business call Performance Build Marlow today!

A reputable company will also have its own staff of construction workers and contractors that can guarantee quality workmanship and that they will stand behind their work. This will mean that the quality of work and the speed of the work will be of the highest standard. It is never a good idea to hire inexperienced or poorly trained construction workers or contractors, not only because it will cost you more but also because they might cause damage to your property.

It is advisable to only consider a construction company that is registered with the Building Regulations. There are several different categories that you can go under to find out more information about companies registered with the BRI. They include building surveyors, landscape architects, masons, general contractors and surveyors and many others.

A good source of information on this subject can be found online. You should compare the prices of various companies before making your decision. The amount of work that the company does should also be considered, and this should take into account the materials and labor requirements.

A trustworthy contractor will have an area that is specifically designed to manage your changes. They will also provide you with details about their fee structure, the timetable for the build and any additional costs that might be incurred along the way.

Good customer service is essential when looking for a quality contractor to undertake the building renovation and conversion for you, and it is always best to choose a company that has been around for a while its what we do at Performance Build Marlow.

Our Contracting part of business has a well-proven record in general contracting and has actually successfully completed a entire range of projects utilizing a range of procurement routes which include traditional tender, partnering through framework contracts and style and construct. Tasks normally range in worth from ₤ 100,000 to in excess of ₤ 3 million with a large and differed client base many of whom are repeat customers.

With clients that include Architects, Property designers, financiers, Government Bodies, Corporate Businesses, and Domestic Clients we are experienced in all kinds of structure work which covers all sectors of the neighborhood.
Our subcontractor service Marlow that can be extended to any and all sized building works. The list of customers includes every aspect of architecture with the exception of buildings. Large projects that are on budget with an acceptable quality finish are the most frequently requested services from architectural practices. Architects are also called sub contractors. There are several types of subcontractors. They include general contractors, sub-contractors, specialists, subcontractors, and general contractors. Each project takes several months to complete. The payment schedule for these projects depends on the type of material used and the length of time the project is being completed. You can rely on Performance Build Marlow contact us today.

Performance Build Marlow offer a comprehensive variety of general building services for both brand-new and existing homes.

  • Home conversions and house enhancements
  • Extensions Marlow side, back, one or two storey
  • Basement conversions
  • Loft conversions, garage conversions
  • Restrooms– brand-new develop and/or remodeling
  • Cooking areas– brand-new construct and/or restoration
  • Industrial facilities– brand-new construct, restoration, or conversion
  • Structural work consisting of structures and foundation, walls, joists and so on
  • Painting and designing, consisting of plastering, wallpaper hanging, tiling and so on
  • Roofing systems– change or fix, consisting of insulation, chimney stacks and so on
  • Floor covering– brand-new or remodelling, consisting of repair and setup of wood floorings.
  • Outside locations– consisting of paving, decking, maintaining walls and fences, summer houses and so on
  • General residential or commercial property repair work and upkeep.

Customer support is very essential to us and we provide a 100% complete satisfaction warranty on all our work. We comprehend that every task is various and more than happy to offer skilled suggestions on options that are customized to your budget plan.

With a high need for reputable contractors in Bucks and Oxon intends to offer our clients the very best service possible at a really competitive rate. We provide all our consumers a 100% complete satisfaction assurance and all works are performed to an exceptionally high requirement in line with structure policies.

Along with basic structure work for domestic homes, we likewise provide a complete variety of structure services for business or business residential or commercial properties throughout the home counties. A few of the services we attend to business and domestic consumers consist of: extensions, loft conversions, kitchen area extensions, restoration, repair, cooking area fitting, tiling, stonework, woodworking and far more.

Efficiency Build we provide our consumers with a complete series of structure services and we concentrate on loft conversions, home extensions, remodelings and repair of domestic homes.

Whether you are trying to find a capacity restoration, are considering transforming your loft or wants to extend your kitchen area, we can assist.

All the structure work we perform is completely licensed and remains in line with existing structure policies and us more than happy to offer you a complimentary quote for all work. We focus on home extensions and loft conversions and can assist with whatever from style and preparation through to develop and conclusion and naturally structure guidelines approval.

Contact Performance Build Marlow today!

Loft Conversions and Garage Conversions

Performance Build Marlow separately customized garage conversions can develop a valuable residing, working, or entertainment spaces.

The average single garage is roughly 150 square feet in measurements. The typical dual garage area is 300 square feet. You have the alternative to convert half of this space in order to maintain a single garage or transform the whole area into something remarkable.

Just like Extensions, Attic Rooms and Basement Sales each and every extra square foot include worth to your home. Added value is an effective inspiration to convert your garage, nevertheless similarly crucial is the benefit of increased living space.

Performance Build Marlow deal with all elements of the structure project from start to finish including architectural illustrations, structural computations, and preparation applications. We present proposed strategies, specify fixtures/fittings and reveal before/afters of past projects, concerning all Alterations, Extensions, Renovation, Loft Area & Basement Transformation projects.

Our Conversion process produce numerous possibilities. Whether your garage is integrated or detached from your residential or commercial property, we can create and develop the remarkable. Our former garage conversion tasks have actually included;

Games room
Health club
House movie theater
Reading room
Meeting space
Guest home

Performance Build Marlow we will inspire you with garage conversion ideas, applying our indispensable expertise with our special style solutions.


We can work with you and a team of highly experienced tradesperson and designers to create and develop structures that completely match your specifications and are also in keeping with the area and projects are kept within spending plan and time.

As soon as the job is finished, or for your other properties, we have the ability to provide repair/ touch up and upkeep work as required, both short-term and long term.

If your job is a little smaller, we pride ourselves on offering a highly specialised and individualised structure service at really reasonable rates.

Our established and trusted group of specialist trades have many years of experience in the market and are therefore able to discuss your requirements, providing advice and ideas as required but likewise can add concepts and value to the job. We enjoy absolutely nothing more than seeing a previously unused area, such as a garage or a loft, end up being someplace practical, unique and well-used making it possible for clients to enhance their house and life!

We can transform garages into an entire multitude of brand-new usages, consisting of dining rooms, kitchens, restrooms and playrooms. The possibilities are limitless. Kitchen area extensions Marlow with bi-fold doors overlooking your garden are tasks we take one and can show lots of previous works so you can see the quality of work and finish.

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Glass Rooms

Home Extensions

High Standard Buildings

Extending your home

Reliable Builders

Barn Conversions

Quality Finish

Conservatories extensions

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